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pandemija.info web site is created by numerous volunteers

Our goal is to create a credible repository of useful materials, primarily for medical staff in Croatia. Materials such as new scientific articles, guidelines and recommendations from reputable organizations, and the experiences of colleagues from around the world. 

About CroResp

Our team in Croatia has designed a makeshift respirator for medical staff. We call it CroResp.

CroResp is a respirator with eye protection made from a diving mask, adapter and virus filter. The respirator is designed for personal use at the discretion of medical professionals in the case of lack of certified and tested protective equipment.

The Authors of the Project

The respirator with eye protection made from a diving mask, adapters and medical filters for viruses was created by a group of people running the website https://pandemija.info, which is an online database of useful guidelines and educational materials from around the world intended for medical personnel to help them fight the new coronavirus.

The project would not be possible without the work of the company Isinnova from Italy, in collaboration with dr. Renato Favero from the Gardona Val Trompia Hospital and a group at Children’s Hospital in Boston, USA. We are very thankul for their dedicated work and for sharing their innovations for free.


Ivo Kovic, MD
Proposed the modification of Italian model and the modification of the innovated equipment into protective respirator. He also prepared the documentation for design and use.

Ivan Gustin and Marko Gustin
Designed and tested new adapters through the 3D printing process and conducted the initial respiratory tests.

Hrvoje Vukelic
Organized the procurement of test diving masks and virus filters and coordinated the team work.


Branimir Lozo – donated a test diving mask from Decathlon.

Igor Habljak – handles the supply of diving masks for our team; arranged for the first donation of Extreme Sub test diving masks from Darko Majcan from the company Kupanac, Zagreb.

Kruno Golubic - providing assistance with the website and social media presence

Ivan Zovak – owner of Zovak company from Zagreb, donated a large number of scuba masks for testing.

Matija Ilijaš - coordinating makers that produce CroResp masks in Croatia.

Petra Počanić - global community coordinator

Translation: Natalija Pejnović, Thais Erna Mandalinić, Branimir Matoz,Mihaela Jurković
Proofreading and editing: Lidija Toman, STIP Rijeka

Respirator Projects Around the World

There is a lot of different projects going on around the world.

At the moment, a large number of individuals, teams, and companies around the world are working on respirator projects and innovations.

We have listed projects that we have found on a page about Respirator Projects Around the World.

If you know about some other related projects, please let us know.

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